Amazing photographs of those who serve

I was able to see these amazing photographs at Art After Dark. It was so unexpected and emotional to look into the eyes and faces of these men and women who serve for our country. I work with veterans with PTSD and, I have to say, these photographs are so powerful, that I know it would be very hard for some of the veterans to look upon them. It’s so real. Right there, looking back at you.

The Courage and Strength show was so moving! I work as a psychiatric nurse with the VA. I see firsthand the suffering of those who’ve done multiple tours of duty. I will recommend my friends and co-workers to see it!—Ruth Huang

Thank you so much for bringing in ‘Courage and Strength.’ It is most excellent. Thank you also for extending the free admission for active duty and their families and their families. I can’t think of a better way for you to extend support to the military here in Hawaii. I am glad to be a member.

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